Taylor D'Angelone Law, P.A.

Hello! I’m Anthony, a Technology Consultant for Taylor D'Angelone Law.

We've launched an AI product that could significantly streamline your practice. I promise I will make this quick.

Introducing Law Smart™

Law Smart is an AI powered legal assistant specifically trained on Florida state statutes, built by family lawyers for family lawyers. It automates current and prospective client interactions and provides real time insights while saving your practice significant non-billable hours.

Why consider it?

Save Time

Let a trained, focused AI “avatar” handle routine inquiries so you can focus on winning cases.

Stay Informed

Instant, AI driven answers to complex family law queries. Let your Avatar do the heaving lifting for you!

Expert AI Assistance

Deploy online legal assistants that are trained specifically on Florida state statutes as it pertains to family law.

Curious? Allow me show you a quick demo – it’ll take just a few minutes and could change how you manage your caseload.

Let me know a good time to call, or just click the video link here to take a peak.